Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Long Book with Reading Boy

Here is a book I made awhile ago using paper from an old children's book about children's books!  The book highlighted the illustrations from other books so this little boy reading was featured big and small.  I cut out the small picture and glued it over the cover for fun.  I highlighted the small one in pencil and outlined it in black.  The book is 10.5 inches tall and 4.5 wide, my favorite size!  The spine is secured with long stitches and coptic stitches.  Here is a look at the back of the book:
I love the black, white and red color combo of this one.  The inspiration for this came from my great bookmaking teacher, Anne Elser.  Thanks for looking.
  • Materials: bookboard, thick red washi paper, waxed black thread, PVA, vintage book pages, 70 lb white text paper for inside pages


Anonymous said...

Miriam, you are just AWESOME at that book binding, so neat and pretty.

Jenny Gropp said...

This is a great one!

gina Kirkorian Ingham said...

This is sooo cool! I love to make books as well. Isn't it so much fun to use old school kids books for artwork? I have trouble keeping them out of paintings, cards, you name it. This is so cool, but the only trouble is, we can only see the cover! Post a few of the inside pages!!!