Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Slipcase Book Samples

This fall I took a GREAT bookmaking class through the Atlanta Printmakers Studio.  We met 8 times for 3 hour sessions and had a ball!  We did some example books like pamphlet style, sewing on tapes with a hard spine, coptic stitch and japanese stab binding.  When we finished the samples we made a custom slipcase for them.  So fun!
The other ladies in the class were a great source of where to buy all kinds of goodies and I discovered handmade wrapping paper from India at World Market for $2.99! (Book covered in text paper is from there.)  Of course I dipped into my vast stash of washi paper too.  I added a Zentangles panel to the front of the simple pamphlet for fun.

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gina Kirkorian Ingham said...

Fun!!!!! I need to take one of those classes too! Looks amazing!!!